Upcoming courses

AR SFMAruba Switching Fundamentals for Mobility17.12.2018 fix date!Vienna
AR SFM-ILOTAruba Switching Fundamentals for Mobility17.12.2018 fix date!Online
AR IAWImplementing Aruba WLAN17.12.2018 fix date!Munich
AR SWDIScalable WLAN Design and Implementation17.12.2018 fix date!Vienna
AR SWDI-ILOTScalable WLAN Design and Implementation17.12.2018 fix date!Online
CI CIPTV1Implementing Cisco IP Telephony and Video, Part 114.01.2019 fix date!Vienna
AR IALSImplementing Aruba Location Services14.01.2019 fix date!Vienna
AR IAWImplementing Aruba WLAN14.01.2019 fix date!Vienna
AR IAW-ILOTImplementing Aruba WLAN14.01.2019 fix date!Online