Due to Easter holidays our office is closed
on Monday, 22nd of April 2019.

We are available again as of
Tuesday, 23rd of April 2019.


   Upcoming courses

CI-SENSSImplementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions06.05.2019 fix date!Vienna
CI-CCNAXInterconnecting Cisco Network Devices: Accelerated06.05.2019 fix date!Vienna
CI-WITSHOOTTroubleshooting Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks06.05.2019 fix date!Vienna
AR-IAWImplementing Aruba WLAN06.05.2019 fix date!Vienna
AR-IAW-ILOTImplementing Aruba WLAN - online06.05.2019 fix date!Online
AR-AMSTAdvanced Mobility Solutions and Troubleshooting06.05.2019 fix date!Vienna
AR-AMST-ILOTAdvanced Mobility Solutions and Troubleshooting - online06.05.2019 fix date!Online
CI-CIPTV2Implementing Cisco IP Telephony and Video, Part 213.05.2019 fix date!Vienna
CI-IP6FDIPv6 Fundamentals, Design & Deployment13.05.2019 fix date!Vienna
AR-SWDIScalable WLAN Design and Implementation13.05.2019 fix date!Vienna
AR-SWDI-ILOTScalable WLAN Design and Implementation - online13.05.2019 fix date!Online
AR-DAMSDesigning Advanced Mobility Solutions20.05.2019 fix date!Vienna
CI-TSHOOTTroubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks21.05.2019 fix date!Vienna
CI-TSHOOT-ILOTTroubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks - online21.05.2019 fix date!Online