Cisco Complete Packages

Our perfect preperation for Cisco Career Certifications

We offer optimal training for the Cisco certifications with our certification packages.
Compared to single bookings, a certification package saves you 30%. Choose between Cisco Enterprise Core or CCNP Enterprise package.

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  Upcoming guaranteed trainings

AR-CPEAruba ClearPass Essentials10.08.2020 fix date!ENG Vienna
AR-CPE-VILTAruba ClearPass Essentials-VILT10.08.2020 fix date!ENG Online
AR-ACFAruba ClearPass Fundamentals10.08.2020 fix date!ENG Vienna
AR-ACF-VILTAruba ClearPass Fundamentals-VILT10.08.2020 fix date!ENG Online
AR-IACImplementing Aruba ClearPass12.08.2020 fix date!ENG Vienna
AR-IAC-VILTImplementing Aruba ClearPass-VILT12.08.2020 fix date!EN Online
AR-CXF-VILTArubaOS-CX Switching Fundamentals-VILT10.08.2020 fix date!ENG Online
AR-IASImplementing Aruba Switching17.08.2020 fix date!GER Vienna
AR-IAS-VILTImplementing Aruba Switching-VILT17.08.2020 fix date!GER Online
ACEArista Configuration Essentials24.08.2020 fix date!ENG Vienna
ACE-VILTArista Configuration Essentials-VILT24.08.2020 fix date!ENG Online
AR-IAMImplementing Aruba Mobility24.08.2020 fix date!GER Vienna
AR-IAM-VILTImplementing Aruba Mobility-VILT24.08.2020 fix date!GER Online
AR-AMTS-VILTAruba Advanced Mobility Troubleshooting & Solutions-VILT24.08.2020 fix date!ENG Online