Upcoming courses

CI-ICND2 Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 224.06.2019 fix date!Vienna
CI-ICND2-ILOTInterconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 2 - online24.06.2019 fix date!Online
CI-CICDImplementing Cisco Collaboration Devices24.06.2019 fix date!Vienna
AR CPEAruba ClearPass Essentials24.06.2019 fix date!Munich
AR-SWDIScalable WLAN Design and Implementation24.06.2019 fix date!Joenkoeping (SE)
CI-CCNAXInterconnecting Cisco Network Devices: Accelerated01.07.2019 fix date!Vienna
CI-CCNAX-ILOTInterconnecting Cisco Network Devices: Accelerated - online01.07.2019 fix date!Online
CI-SWITCHImplementing Cisco Switched Networks01.07.2019 fix date!Vienna
CI-SWITCH-ILOTImplementing Cisco Switched Networks - online01.07.2019 fix date!Online
AR-CPEAruba ClearPass Essentials01.07.2019 fix date!Amsterdam
AR-DASDesigning Aruba Solutions01.07.2019 fix date!Madrid
AR-IAWImplementing Aruba WLAN02.07.2019 fix date!Milano
AR-SWDIScalable WLAN Design and Implementation08.07.2019 fix date!Madrid
AR-IAWImplementing Aruba WLAN10.07.2019 fix date!Vienna
AR-IAW-ILOTImplementing Aruba WLAN - online10.07.2019 fix date!Online
AR-SWDIScalable WLAN Design and Implementation15.07.2019 fix date!Vienna
AR-SWDI-ILOTScalable WLAN Design and Implementation - online15.07.2019 fix date!Online
AR-AMSTAdvanced Mobility Solutions and Troubleshooting15.07.2019 fix date!Madrid