Kommende Fixtermine

AR-DASDesigning Aruba Solutions19.08.2019 fix date!Zürich
CI-ROUTEImplementing Cisco IP Routing26.08.2019 fix date!Wien
AR-CPEAruba ClearPass Essentials26.08.2019 fix date!Brüssel
AR-IALSImplementing Aruba Location Services26.08.2019 fix date!Stockholm
AR-SWDIScalable WLAN Design and Implementation26.08.2019 fix date!Wien
AR-SWDI-ILOTScalable WLAN Design and Implementation - online26.08.2019 fix date!Online
AR-CPEAruba ClearPass Essentials02.09.2019 fix date!München
AR-SFMAruba Switching Fundamentals for Mobility02.09.2019 fix date!Madrid
AR-IACSImplementing Aruba Campus Switching Solutions02.09.2019 fix date!Wien
AR-IACS-ILOTImplementing Aruba Campus Switching Solutions - online02.09.2019 fix date!Online
AR-IACSImplementing Aruba Campus Switching Solutions09.09.2019 fix date!Madrid
HA-EHAGImplementing Aruba Campus Switching Solutions16.09.2019 fix date!München