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FL-UCS Power Workshop

Unified Computing Systems Power Workshop (covering DCUCD and DCUCI)

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Dauer: 5 Tage

Who should attend

This course is intended for the following audiences:

  • system engineers
  • network engineers
  • field engineers

who need to deploy, configure, and manage the Cisco Unified Computing System.

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Course Content

The Power Workshop covers course content from DCUCD and DCUCI bundled together. The goal of the 5 day Power Workshop is to enable customers to build scalable, reliable, and intelligent Data Center Virtualization solutions based on UCS devices and software, Cisco Nexus family switches, Consolidated Network Adapter (CNA) cards, MDS family SAN switches with NX-OS, MDS Fabric Manager configuration and management applications, VMware server virtualization products, and Microsoft Windows operating system. The course describes the Cisco Data Center virtualization solutions, explains how to evaluate existing Data Center infrastructure, determine the requirements and design these Cisco Data Center virtualization solutions based on the Cisco products mentioned above.

Course Objectives
  • Describe Cisco data center virtualization solutions
  • Evaluate the data center solution design and design process
  • Identify the data center components and trends, and understand the relation between the business, technical, and environmental challenges and goals of the contemporary data center solutions
  • Identify the contemporary data center applications
  • Identify the Cisco Data Center architectural framework and components within the solution
  • Implement Cisco UCS C-Series rack servers in standalone mode.
  • Use the Cisco UCS Host Upgrade Utility to upgrade or downgrade C-Series firmware to the correct version
  • Provision SNMP and syslog, and use C-Series monitoring tools
  • Evaluate and design Cisco UCS solution LAN, SAN, and virtual access layer connectivity
  • Design the LAN of the Cisco data center unified computing solution.
  • Design the SAN of the Cisco data center unified computing solution.
  • Recognize Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switches and aspects of Nexus 1000V design.
  • Implement generation 1 and generation 2 connectivity
  • Differentiate between physical connections on the IOM and the redundant connections for management and data plane over the I/O MUX and midplane
  • Install and power up Cisco UCS B-Series hardware
  • Implement LAN connectivity for Cisco UCS B-Series hardware
  • Implement SAN connectivity for Cisco UCS B-Series hardware
  • Implement system management, maintenance services for Cisco UCS B-Series
  • Implement local and remote authentication services to restrict privileges and delegate management authority in Cisco UCS Manager
  • List the processes for managing the firmware repository and upgrade or downgrade Cisco UCS firmware components using Cisco UCS Manager
  • Implement backup and restore capabilities in Cisco UCS Manager
  • Implement syslog, Smart Call Home, and SPAN
  • Provision servers by leveraging reusable pools, policies, and templates that allow for rapid provisioning and consistency of policy
  • Perform initial Cisco UCS cluster setup and provide management IP addresses for blade servers
  • Provision VLANs and fabric interconnect uplinks for server connectivity to the Layer 3 data center cloud
  • Provision VSANs and fabric interconnect Fibre Channel uplinks for server connectivity to the data center storage cloud
  • Provision resource pools for servers, UUIDs, MAC addresses, WWNN, WWPN, and iSCSI
  • Configure reusable server policies in Cisco UCS Manager
  • Provision service profiles with initial and updating templates
  • Implement virtualization features unique to Cisco UCS that improve performance and manageability
  • Describe Cisco VM-FEX and Cisco VM-FEX universal passthrough technologies
  • Provision Cisco VM-FEX in Cisco UCS Manager and the VMware vCenter Server
  • Provision Cisco VM-FEX universal passthrough in Cisco UCS Manager and the VMware vCenter Server
  • Identify the distributed computing applications
Course Outline

Module 1: Cisco Data Center Solution Architecture and Components
Module 2: Implement Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers
Module 3: Design Cisco Unified Computing Solutions
Module 4: Implement Cisco UCS B-Series Connectivity
Module 5: Manage the Cisco UCS B-Series
Module 6: Provision Cisco UCS Compute Resources
Module 7: Implement Cisco UCS Server Virtualization Features
Module 8: Designing Distributed Computing on Cisco UCS

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