Die digitalen Kits werden per Download link von „Kortext“ auf die eigene E-Mail Adresse vor Kursbeginn zur Verfügung gestellt.

Der Zugriff auf das digitale Kit ist auf 1 Jahr nach Kursbeginn beschränkt.

Kortext unterstützt folgende Browser: IE 8.0+, Chrome 2+, Firefox 3+, Safari 2+ (Mac) and Safari 3+ (Windows).

Kortext Apps: Sie können online ebenso wie offline Ihre Kursunterladen über Apps auf iOS, Android, Windows und MAC verwenden. Links für die Apps sind zu finden auf der Kortext Startseite

Für weiteren Informationen und um das komplette ´Generic Student OnSecure Experience´ PDF herunterzuladen KLICKEN SIE BITTE HIER

Getting Started 

You will receive a Confirmation email acknowledging that you have registered for your upcoming course. Certain information, such as the Course Number, Title and Start Date will be specific to the course you register for.

Welcome to OnSecure 

You will then see a landing page similar to the image below. If you are a new Kortext user you will be provided with a temporary password. Please log in using this temporary password and then change your password in the Kortext app. If you are a returning student, login using your established login credentials to enter the site.

Logging into Kortex 

Log in: Logging into your Kortext account is easy. Use the link in your Welcome Email to access

Username & Password: You will be issued a temporary password. Simply enter your username and temporary password to access the site. Once you have completed the initial login, click on the Account icon to change your password. You will be able to view your bookshelf.

Create your Password: For the initial login, you were provided with a temporary password. Once you have logged in, you will need to create your own password.
Go to “Account -> Change Password”

Looking for additional information and instructions?

If you are looking for addition information on Kortext features and instructions, visit and view the drop down selection for Support. Here you will find tutorials in PDF and easy to follow video formats.


For answers to your questions please refer to the Support Devices or Help tab for additional information.

Support for Europe, Middle East, Africa: