Configuring Aruba UXI Sensors (UXI)


Seminar content

This course teaches candidates how to use and deploy User Experience Insight Sensors (UXI) in a network. The course explains UXI sensor deployment, how to onboard into a UXI account and which licenses are needed. Candidates will learn how the dashboard works and how to set up testing (including advanced testing) for their network as well as how to set up groups and various sensor configurations. Candidates will also learn key troubleshooting tools and the steps to triage a problem. Additionally, candidates will learn UXI administrative user roles, reporting, alerts and notifications. This course also covers UXI integration with Aruba Central and provides the steps for how to set up Webhooks to external systems. 

After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to:
  • Deploy UXI sensors
  • Manage your UXI sensors within your network 
  • Troubleshooting common issues within UXI 
  • Complete administrative tasks 
  • Complete UXI testing 
  • Complete UXI advanced testing with Selenium 
  • Understand how to integrate UXI with Aruba Central 

Target audience

Ideal candidate for this course:
All personnel who need a deep understanding of User Experience Insight (UXI) and those who will be deploying UXI sensors in their networks. 

Prior knowledge

The following knowledge is recommended for this seminar:

Detailed content

Introduction to UXI
  • UXI advantages
  • Types of Sensors
  • Environments 

Initial Setup
  • initial ordering and setup 
  • Onboarding new sensors 
  • Groups and Licenses
  • Deployment of sensors 
  • UXI smartphone app

  • Testing setup
  • Explanation of predefined tests
  • Explanation of custom tests 

Advanced Testing
  • Using UXI with Selenium to enhance web testing 
  • Dropbox login and testing 

  • UXI dashboard
  • Wi-Fi issues 
  • Service issues 
  • Customer problem example 

Testing Modification
  • Testing a specific RF band
  • Testing a specific BSSID 
  • Threshold setup
  • Mute issues 

Packet Capture
  • PCAP on demand
  • PCAP triage 

  • Central setup for integration 
  • UXI setup for integration 
  • Webhooks for outside systems 

  • Adding new admin users 
  • Global configuration parameters 
  • Alerts
  • Notifications
  • Reports
  • Getting help 


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