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ITIL 4 Foundation

Seminar content

ITIL 4 enables your organisation to use best practices around service management while implementing the latest concepts in IT and also answering crucial questions, like:
  • How do we create value for the customer and for the IT?
  • What is the role of IT and IT services in a business strategy? Which role should it be?
  • How can we support our organisation on their way to digital transformation?
  • How do I link - if I want to - service management with new methods of working like Lean, Agile, DevOps, etc.

These and many other interesting questions are clarified and answered in our ITIL 4 courses, where you will find that our trainers put a major emphasis on enhancing the theoretical knowledge with examples of practical application. This should allow you as a user of the method to have a better understanding of ITIL.

The course includes the ITIL 4 Foundation exam, a certificate which not only proves your knowledge but becomes the basis for any future advanced trainings in that area.

What is your benefit of booking an ITIL training with us?
  • Our lead trainer was and is actively involved in the development of ITIL 4.
  • Our lead trainer is Austria‘s first ITIL 4 Managing Professional.
  • All our trainers don‘t just present the theory of ITIL, but invest the time and effort to show you with a lot of examples from real live how practical application of ITIL runs successfully.
  • In our courses you will learn a lot more than just the official syllabus, especially content that is useful for practical application.
  • Our participants have a 100% exam pass rate.

Important information

The course includes the ITIL 4 Foundation exam.
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Target groups

The target groups for our ITIL 4 Foundation Plus training for IT Service Management are:
  • People who want to have a basic understanding of the ITIL Framework and want to learn how the improvements in quality of Service Management can help an organisation.
  • People who work for an organisation that has already introduced ITIL and customized it or are about to introduce it.
  • People who want to learn and understand the vocabulary and the processes needed to work together with an IT department or IT suppliers.

  • All IT professionals,
  • Business managers and
  • Responsible roles for business processes, as well as,
  • All IT employees

    Prior knowledge

    Previous knowledge needed
    For our ITIL 4 Foundation Plus training it is useful but not needed to have an understanding of IT and/or IT service management.
    The training has been set up so that it is interesting for both starters with no previous as well as experienced experts.

    Detailed content

    • The basics of service management
    • The four dimensions of service management
    • The ITIL Service Value System
    • The Guiding Principles
    • The Service Value Chain
    • ITIL Practices and their application in real live
    • Continual Improvement as a service provider

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    • 01.03.-03.03.2022 01.03.2022 3 days 3T Wien Available via live stream Online
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